Foundations in Theory and Practical Skills Applied in Local Communities

Preventive Medicine Projects 2017 - 2018


Park Prescription Program

Tackling the problem of overweight and obesity by developing a collaborative effort between healthcare providers, public health officials and community-based programs.

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Improving Access to Alternatives for Pain Control

Increasing community access to integrative medicine services like acupuncture to prevent dependence on pain medications using the Wellness Center located at LAC-USC Hospital

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County-Wide Social Screener

Developing a validated tool to screen for social determinants of health and mental health which can be used throughout the Los Angeles County Health Agency, allowing for standardization across agencies and practices.

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Data Sharing for Quality

Nudging change in physician behaviors through development of a data sharing tool within a county-run clinic; where providers can track personal performance on quality measures as well as performance compared to other providers in the practice.

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Improving Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Screening

Increasing the rates of HIV screening within a county-run clinic, particularly utilizing avenues like urgent care.

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Teaching Kitchen

Preventing diet-related illnesses among veterans by teaching them to cook simple and healthy recipes using fresh ingredients in a group setting.

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UCLA Prevention and Lifestyle Clinic

Using the lifestyle medicine framework in a group-visit setting to prevent diseases among patients with increased cardiovascular risk factors.

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